CSI Carina TLI complete!


Carina Train Loading station- Optimum automated train loading using Meridian TLI technology


Following on from a technology and innovation prize at last year’s Australian Bulk handling awards for the successful  commissioning of a Meridian TLI system at FMG’s Christmas Creek train loading station, Meridian have just commissioned their latest  TLI system for Crushing services International  (CSI) at their  Carina Iron Ore Train Loading Station in WA.

The Carina Iron Ore project is located approximately 170km from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. CSI had to build a whole train loading facility for the project in order to get their ore from the mine to the port in Fremantle for export. QR National was the chosen freight provider and the initial trains for the project were around 120 wagons long each carrying about 70 tonnes of ore.

Given the nature of the existing railways in the West, it was imperative that CSI demonstrated that they were able to load their trains accurately without overloading wagons which would cause damage both to the fleet and the rail network.

For CSI, this meant loading their wagons to a target gross load of 90 tonnes and not exceeding a 92t overload limit. With a ‘take or pay’ freight arrangement CSI knew it was important to get their train loading control solved correctly as most traditional systems would need to under load wagons to avoid the stringent overload criteria costing them significant lost freight opportunity. To put this in context, with the typical trains operating at Carina, one tonne lost per wagon represented over $10,000 of less ore delivered to the port per train.

CSI chose Meridian’s TLI system to enable them to meet the stringent loading criteria placed on them by the rail authorities. Since commissioning the Meridian TLI, CSI have been able to deliver train loads at 100% target with no overloading.

Meridians TLI system at Carina not only solved the problem of accurate train loading control, but also at the same time produces accurate train weight reports which CSI can provide to the rail operators as verification of their accurately loaded trains. This is thanks to Meridian’s innovative weigh in motion technology. Meridian weighbridges are simply loadcells bolted to the web of the rail that require minimal installation works and yet deliver very accurate train weighing performance that is accepted for commercial transactions both in Australia and internationally.

Another first for the Carina project was the teaming up with Haley and Mellowes Australia (HMA) to provide an iron ore train loading solution for CSI. HMA have always had a strong presence in train loading systems in the east coast for the coal industry, but this was their first venture into iron-ore train loading. It was imperative to have an extremely accurate and reliable control system associated with the HMA system to deliver consistent mass loading of the fleet at Carina.

While a major benefit of Meridian’s TLI is its ability to be retrofitted to most train loading stations in-situ, Meridian’s close relationship with HMA enabled input at the design stage of the Carina train loading bin which has resulted in the most accurate train loading system we have produced to date. The Carina TLI system is able to load trains to a very tight mass tolerance which has resulted in the bar being raised again as to what can be achieved in train loading.

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