Meridian announces the release of a wireless option


Meridian announces the release of a wireless option for its successful Weighbridge product line. Refinement of the weighbridge’s processor has reached the stage where only two Watts of power are required at the track. Processed digital weight data is then transmitted by cable or wireless LAN to any standard PC platform. Ranges of up to 1 km have been tested so far.

A significant reduction in export shipping weight has also been achieved. This now means that the export weight of a complete 1BXD weighbridge system is less than 15 Kg. Installation time on-site is typically three days. The system now transmits data to any standard PC loaded with special purpose software developed by Meridian.

The Meridian weighbridge is now completely designed and built in-house. From the innovative ‘bolt on’ load cell technology, the sophisticated 6 layer ME-CANAMP trackside microprocessor system, and all software including end user SCADA style displays on standard PC systems.

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