Train Loading Improvement (TLI) System

Meridian Engineers’s Train Loading Improvement (TLI) Systems are providing coal and iron ore miners with excellent train loading accuracy. High accuracy wagon loading reduces track wear from overloading and improves efficiency by fully utilising wagon capacities. The technology is equally applicable to new and existing train loading stations, and installation does not require down time.

Meridian Engineers’s TLI Systems provide:

  • Precision batch loading of trains
  • Real time measurement of the weight of the loading bin’s contents
  • Precision speed measurement
  • Immediate load reports to any location via the internet

Features include:

  • Customised data processing, user interfaces and reports (including automatic emails)
  • Calculation and display of wagon loads in real time
  • Control of train loading and load centering in the wagon
  • Online software upgrades
  • Online monitoring and long distance data transmission
  • Incorporation of wagon recognition systems, e.g. RFID
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Complete systems
  • No disruption to bin or rail operation during installation
  • Detection of incoming wagons
  • Wagon speed monitoring
  • Self diagnostics and redundancy
  • A robust, weather-proof design, which maintains its accuracy during the worst weather conditions

Project examples below:

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