Train Speed and Position (TSP) System

Train speed is an important factor in improving train loading performance, particularly for centrally loading rail wagons. It is important therefore to have regular and accurate updates of train speed during the loading process. Typical systems on the market include Photoelectric cells and Vision detection. PE cell systems have the drawback of false detection due to dirt / dust coverage. Vision based systems tend to be less reliable in natural sunlight conditions.

For a train speed and position system to function successfully, it is essential that it is based on a sensor that is proven to be 100% reliable. Meridian have selected a non-contact proximity style sensor renowned in the rail industry for quality and reliability. Typical iron-ore and coal trains today have in excess of 500 wheels on each rail. The TSP system must be able to sense each and every one of these wheels without failure if rolling-stock identification and position are to be maintained. The wheel sensors are bolted directly to the webs of the rails and continue to operate in the harshest conditions including submersion in water and dirt / grease coverage. This is something even the most advanced PE cells cannot achieve.

The Meridian Train Speed Position (TSP) system provides real time data of train speed and position as the train traverses the track switches. The number of track switches installed on the rail depends on the update time required for speed indication, length of rail wagons and the typical train speed range. The system requires no operator input and readily interfaces to other systems such as a Meridian TLI (Train Loading Improvement) system or a Client PLC / SCADA systems.

Meridian TLI systems use real-time data from the Meridian TSP to produce fluid SCADA animated screens of the train moving through a train load out facility. This includes stoppages and reversals of the train.

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